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As part of Gulf War One (1991), the Fires of Kuwait were among the cruelest assaults on the environment, ever. 723 oil well fires were burning simultaneously.
Making jaggery - a crude form of cane sugar - in Hampi in the State of Karnataka, India
                                                      Meet Al...
Meet Bleu...             
Breaking rocks in the hot sun - Kerala, India. This is Part One of two parts.
Carrying rocks in the hot sun, also in Kerala, India - Part Two.  These folks are called "head-loaders" and most are women.
Blue Herons of central Connecticut

Railroad Museum of New England - Thomaston, CT  -  Part One.

Part One is the public segment of their offerings. 

Railroad Museum of New England - Part Two

Part Two is the "backstage" (restoration awaits) portion.

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