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Terrence Marselle   
Currently living in my hometown of Bristol, Connecticut, I have been a teacher of Social Studies and Psychology for my entire career - only recently having retired. Most of my years as a teacher - about 20 of them - were spent as a teacher in U.S. Embassy / Consulate / and international schools - seven countries in all. My last international school was the Anglo-American School of Moscow, Russia, administrated together by the embassies of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. I dearly loved my school, but we were forced to close because of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Throughout all of this, I studied hard and was awarded a Master's in Psychology from the University of Hartford in 2014. I majored in Developmental Psychology with a specialization in the cognition of children, with emphasis on the psychopathology of  childhood. So, one way or another, "it's been a trip," so-to-speak. But wait, there's more! Since I've been 12 years old, I have also been a serious photographer. Talk about the best of two worlds: teaching psychology and loving photography.   
At present, I still get to engage in my passion for psychology as an adjunct faculty member at my local Community College in nearby Farmington CT. But now, however, I am finally able to dedicate my full time and energies to my beloved photography. Starting with my boyhood adoration of still photos captured on film and then onward to the breathtaking images enabled by today's technologies, the child is the father of the man...if you know what I mean. When it comes to photography, I am now in a position of being able to harness my passion and deep experience - both of which have been decades in the making - to the best equipment that imagery has to offer. Life is good.   
With the above stated, grab yourself a cup of tea and have a look at the galleries. After enjoying the website, perhaps you'd like to contact me regarding a family or business project you're thinking of having done. And please note that we are on an active trajectory toward building our portfolio of the commercial world, especially in architectural and real estate photography, as well as in executive portraits. 
I suppose I could end this message by saying something glitzy like, "My car has a full tank of gas, the drone is charged, my passport is live, and I too, am flight ready!" And while almost all of that is true (don't own a drone - yet), my favorite assignments are when ordinary folks - just like me - want their family's portrait taken - or who have a high school senior Action Portrait in mind (see the galleries). Or perhaps you might be interested in two of our other specialties, Light-Paintings, and Ultra High Definition Acrylic Prints. FYI, acrylic prints are reserved for those 1% of photos that are worthy enough to become wall art. Trust me when I say that you need to be physically in the same room with an Acrylic Print to believe your eyes. This is especially true when the Acrylic Print is displayed as wall art of a beautiful landscape, building, and of course, beautiful beings.     
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One final note: this entire website is non-monetized. In other words, there are no attempt to sell any of the photos contained herein. Its primary purpose is to get your attention so that you might want to engage my photographic services. That being said, I do have plenty of photos for sale on my other website, which is indeed monetized. That website is as follows:    (click here for the monetized website)
If I could, I would award you 3 semester hours of college credit for reading this rather wordy introductory message. But hey, at least you now know a little bit about who I am. Warm regards!
Terrence (Terry) Marselle                                                                    
"Not all those who wander are lost." J.R.R. Tolkien